What “TAPIA” can do

Tapia’s abilities are always evolving

Facial and voice recognition

Tapia learns to recognize her users and can distinguish you by seeing your face or hearing your voice.

Daily Life

Tapia can perform many daily life functions such making phone calls, getting news and weather forecasts, making schedules, etc.


Tapia can organize and play music, as well as take and display photos and video.


Tapia’s conversation ability is always evolving. You’ll never know what she’ll say next.

Safety Monitoring

When a loved one hasn’t responded, Tapia is there to show you everything is OK. Tapia can also check the health of you or your loved ones by connecting to smart medical devices.

Reading and Education

Tapia can read printed media aloud for you, helping the visually impaired and those just learning to read. She can read story books to your children and even help them learn arithmetic. * Now under development


245mm × 210mm

2.5 kg (include battery)

android 5.1

Touchpanel, Camera, Microphone, Speaker

Micro SIM ×1、Micro SD ×1、Micro USB ×1、Wi-Fi


* Specifications of these functions may change.