What can Tapia do?

Various support functions for the family

Monitoring function

Offers remote monitoring for a peace of mind of families with elderly living alone.

Livelihood support

Functions such as phone calls, weather, schedule management, news reading. Also equipped with SIM slot.

IOT & Education

In the heart of your home it offers control of appliances as an IOT. Offers an option to read books to for childrend. *Under development / IOT will have optional functions.

Tapia Application

Tapia Application allows you to use “Download / Confirm Photos”, “Mimamori”, and “Video Call” by connecting the Tapia unit and a smartphone.
* For details on how to use, please refer to the WEB version instruction manual (Japanese Only).

Supported models & environment

Android version
Tapia ver .: 1.47 or higher
Support ver .: Android OS 5.0 or higher
Support terminal: Android phone
Support language: Japanese

iPhone version
Tapia ver .: 1.51 or higher
Support ver .: iOS 10.0 or higher
Support terminal: iPhone
Support language: Japanese


Size245mm × 210mm
Weight2.5KG(With Battery)
OSandroid 5.1
HardwareTouch panel monitor, camera, microphone, speaker
InterfaceMicro SIM ×1、Micro SD ×1、Micro USB ×1、Wi-Fi
AC adapter input/
INPUT: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.3A /
OUTPUT: 5V 2000mA

* Since it is under development, the specifications are subject to change.