A dream of a society of robots and men living together and communicating. A dream where robots offer support in many aspects of our lives. Let’s make this this dream a reality with our own hands.

How it all started

A robot that fosters family ties.

"A robot that could watch over those you care for. A robot that can tend for my mother for me." The birth of "Tapia" came from the needs of family members of developers with these thoughts. While communication devices such as smartphones are diversifying, there are many elderly people who can not use them. Therefore, "Tapia" was devised as an easy to communicate with, more affordable, user-friendly robot. It connects people to people, and the robot itself to people. As if it was part of the family. MJI Co., Ltd. will always follow this way of thinking when developing Tapia.

Aiming at a heart-warming world in which robots and people are as one.

"A robot able to recognize feelings" This is also the developer's mission. Using AI and working on creating a robot with emotions. For example, whenever Tapia understands the loneliness behind words "I want to go to the beach" murmured to oneself. Take heart with a kind word from Tapia. It will be more than just a robot. Learning the sameway humans do, acquiring most of information from seeing. MJI aims for a robots with such a functions, and for that purpose, we are seeking people to work on development together.

Current status of development

Feedback exceeding expectations! Public introduction as a service type robot.

Since its debut, Tapia has been getting a lot of attention. At first mainly for its caring functions. Having the ability to communicate with my family even when being away, being able to keep an eye on my grandmother living alone through Tapia, monitoring the status of my pet at home, and offering support in many aspects of a healthy life. Secondly for its day-to-day features. Taking pictures, reading news, even acting as a smart home with IoT equipment being the center of life for Tapia. And the third feature talked about is Tapia's emotion expressions and favorability system changing its responses depending on how it feels. News spread: that these robots with versatile functions are available at affordable prices, and that the robot gets familiar to you. Such newsworthy topics attract the attention of the world more and more as Tapia is introduced as a service type robot for the first time at large scale in society. In the case of Huis Ten Bosch's future like 'Weird restaurant', Tapia is set at all tables, and it interacts with customers, notifying of event information etc., seating management, etc. It was a wonderful opportunity. Even as a developer, development is more and more challenging as it is being utilized in real society applications.

IoT application development. An exciting future at hand.

The world's first "Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT device" certified communication robot. This is a fact that expands the possibilities of Tapia. IoT applications using Microsoft Azure can process quickly, an actual case of use; Microsoft Foresight ~ Robodyx Stamp Rally ~ (September 2016), the Evolution version Tapia collaborating with Microsoft's latest technology was showcased at each company booth. Visitors gathered around Tapia and participated to a stamp rally with face authentication. This all served as an experience to test the state-of-the-art technology. Even from the above examples, we can see the underlying joy experience Tapia can create, making people smile at a convention.

Future Developement

Tapia is active on a global scale, and it follows the trend.

"Tapia" is now receiving requests from businesses and research institutions around the world, there is an urgent global demand and we want to quench it. Therefore, we want to accelerate development and deployment in global markets, as well as strengthening AI research and development with this funding.

As a trend of society, service robots are particularly in demand as robot market continues to grow. Tapia, the first major introduction in the field and receiving the world's tailwind, has the potential to lead society to that future.

At the forefront of robot development, can we draw the future together?

MJI needs to recruit members for rapid development. MJI work environment is full of charm. Do net let your ideas be confined, we love new ideas. We are not engaged in development only partly, we are involved in everything from the start of project to the end of development and have much experience to share. The best challenges and growth is waiting for you.

How exciting would it be to work on technology and application development? You could be developing robot applications and make smarter software. You could be making highly versatile technology that can be used by all, we always aim for simpler and better. Furthermore, you would be able to face new challenges in artificial intelligence development, working with as a team. And collaboration with partners with the latest technologies in the world will also be greatly stimulating.

Our company has an active environment with employees of diverse nationalities. We believe it is important to be able to absorb different cultures and views of the world. By the way, the in-house official language is Japanese, so English abilities are not mandatory. Still, through MJI's environment you can naturally acquire English skills. Work hours are fixed and flexible if needs be. We could say it is a unique trait in an international environment, to go home without having to do overtime. We want to make sure you are always fresh with creative ideas.

We want you to feel it, these challenge of development and possibilities of self-growth. Join us and make a new future with MJI.

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MJI is looking for flexible, dedicated individuals who are enthusiastic about robotics and development of systems. If you are interested, please send an email to info@mjirobotics.co.jp for more information.

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