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MJI is looking for flexible, dedicated individuals who are enthusiastic about robotics and development of systems.
If you are interested, please send an email to info@mjirobotics.co.jp for more information.

1. Android Engineer or Intern Android Engineer
2. Machine Learning Engineer

* Ability to work as part of team – an appreciation for working collaboratively is strongly required.
* Able to communicate effectively in English, able to read and write English
* Knowledge of Java or a similar language (e.g. C/C++)
* Basic knowledge of good coding practices and fundamental computer science principles
* Basic understanding of the importance of writing maintainable, extensible code.
* Able to use Git source control.
* Able to use an issue tracker to manage tasks, bugs, improvements, in a formal and organized manner.
* Able to write documentation for all work related activities, i.e. Javadocs and comments in source code, clear and concise commit messages in Git as well as the issue tracker, and regular contribution to the internal wiki with regards to meeting notes, how-to-guides etc…

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team.
The candidate will be a part of a research and development team, and they will be in charge of the following tasks:
* Developing AI modules for our communication robot “Tapia” using the state-of-the-art techniques
*  Improving the existing AI modules
*  Maintaining the web API

Main Requirements
* Good knowledge of machine learning (with Python or C++)
* Experience in developing web API (with NodeJS)
* Experience with Deep Learning framework (Torch, Tensorflow, Theano, Caffe, etc)
* Driven individual and passionate about robotics and AI
* Strong analytical and interpersonal skills

Nice to have
*  Experience using Docker
*  Have developed Android apps
*  Experience with database
*  Have built/designed a robot before
*  Strong project management skills
*  Experience with software testing

Full time worker
Negotiable, depending on ability
MJI’s Minami-aoyama office
9:30 – 18:30
Regular days off: Every Saturday and Sunday, national holidays in Japan
Others: obon holiday(August) & new year holiday in Japan
Paid holiday: grant after 6 months employment
3 month