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About MJI

Message from MJI

MJI develops communication robots to make you smile,
help you relax, and make your life more fulfilling.
MJI Robots are always by your side.

How can we make a robot into a friend?


MJI develops communication robots under the slogan “MORE JOYFUL INNOVATION.” The company was established in July 2015.

While robots are currently used in heavy industry and in hazardous environments, we believe that robots also have a place in the daily life of ordinary people and families. Robots can also have a place in softer commercial areas such as service and retail, as well as in the fields of health care and education. These robots that communicate with human beings we call “communication robots.”

We envision a future in which robots can be an assistant at the office, a receptionist at a front desk, a bedside nurse in a hospital, and even a companion in your home. Through robots we seek to improve human relations and human-robot relations.


2-27-27 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan