[Important Notice] Security advisory, and security fixes.

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[Important Notice] Security advisory, and security fixes.


We report the following regarding the security vulnerability of our products delivered to “Henna Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay” by H.I.S. Hotel Holdings Co., Ltd.

Our response to this issue

We inspected all units installed in the guest rooms of HIS Hotel Holdings to ensure that no unauthorized applications were installed by third parties. Changes have been made to prevent unauthorized operations. Even with direct interactions with a given robot.

Effects on our products

In the eventuality that a third party with malicious intents performs an unauthorized operation by direct interactions, they cannot access the robot remotely through a network or other means.
Only specific known products manufactured by us are vulnerable to this unauthorized operation issue.

Measures for affected products

The robots will be provided with the function to detect and delete unauthorized applications. Specifics regarding full coverage and delivery will be addressed soon.


About reports in regard to the security of our products

Regarding the response to the security vulnerability of our products, some media sources wrongfully reported that the response was left unattended.
When the security vulnerability was pointed out, we took immediate action to rectify the affected products and make the necessary security measure implementations.
We will continue to strive to maintain and improve security in order to protect the safety of everyone who uses our products.