HIMBOT, a communication robot for healthcare facilities, is born.

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HIMBOT, a communication robot for nursing facilities, is born.

Using the communication robot Tapia, sold by MJI Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo; President: Tony Shu, MJI), “HIMBOT”, a communication robot specialized for care and nursing facilities, is born. Himbot combines Tapia and tablets, developed by the IT service company Himika Co., Ltd. (Head office: Toyohashi City, President: Rikio Watanabe). The introduction of Tapia together with Himika’s “HIMVIT” system in care facilities alleviates the burden of workers, and that of care facility residents. This is expected to lead to improved user satisfaction all-over. Sales are planned from the end of December 2019.

Himbot Overview

Product NameNursing care robot system HIMBOT
Release DatePlanned for the end of December 2019
Selling PriceWill depend on the care service and system configuration.
Sales ContactWe cooperate with Fujitsu Ltd‘s care provider support system “WINCARE”. Sales and maintenance will be carried out from Himika via Fujitsu Ltd. Partners to Fujitsu care providers.
FunctionsNursing care service request・Nursing care services log
(Visitors・Leaves、Bath time、Body function training、Recreations、Meals/Snacks/Beverages、Pointage system management)


About Himbot

Record visits, departures, baths, meals, etc. of users at nursing care facilities. Tapia is installed in places where nursing care services are available such as entrances and dressing rooms, and care records are created when users interact with Tapia. Tapia is also easy to carry, so it can be installed wherever and whenever it is needed, allowing flexible operations suitable for each care facilities.

Equipped with communication functions Himbot allows users to select their favorite meals and recreations. For example, users can choose the lunch menu they want to eat that day and the recreation they want to do through pleasant communication with Tapia.

Data recorded with the interactions with Tapia can be stored in a database, so users can verify informations and can be output as a report can also be made available for family members. The staff can manually enter care records on tablets for users who have difficulty communicating with Tapia instead, and can immediately verify informations such as the meal menu that the user has selected.

“Himbot” Benefits for Long-term Care Business Patients and Long-Term Care Staff
A record of activities is created just by holding a card over Tapia.
Selections for meals and snacks on Tapia is immediately reflected on the tablet in the kitchen, so you can quickly know the selection status and adjust preparation.
Reduce the burden on staff for visits and report creations and contact list management.
Communicating with Tapia can appeal to family members and care managers, making a clear distinction from other care facilities.

“Himbot” Benefits for Long-term Care Service Users
Users choose their own meals and recreation content with Tapia, improving their motivation and satisfaction.
Preventive communications with Tapia can prevent the need for cares.
③ A point reward system for each Tapia use can keep high the user motivation.

Himika Corporation

Himika specializes in information services for local governments, hospitals, companies and organizations mainly in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture. Partner of Fujitsu Limited, Himika has been a reliable partner of many customers for 50 years. Thank you for your patronage.

With the start of the long-term care insurance system in 2000, Himika has been selling and developing systems for long-term care services. With its savoir-faire, Himika released the tablet-type nursing record system “HIMVIT” in 2013, and this time it introduces the “nursing care contact robot system HIMBOT” using MJI’s communication robot “Tapia”. Working hard to reduce the burden on staff in nursing care facilities Himika wants to see users who receive nursing care services smile.