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Family friendly robot
sale starts September 2 “Tapia Press”

MJI Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tony Shu, MJI), which develops, manufactures and sells AI robots and communication robots, currently offers the robots Tapia. Tapia is the base  from which the new “Tapia Press” was developped. This version is offered in collaboration with Kumanichi Toshiken Hanbai Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Kumamoto City President and Representative Director Koji Wada, Kumanichi Toshiken Hanbai), which received the approval of Kumamoto Prefecture’s management innovation plan for development and sales of a “Mimamori Robot” (safety overlooking robot). Tapia Press will be sold in Kumamoto Prefecture from September 2 by Kumahi Metropolitan Sales.

Overview of Tapia Press

The safety, family friendly “Tapia Press” brings daily news from the Kumamoto Kumanichi Newspaper and  gives the room temperature to users and relatives, and keep watch if the temperature drops or rises. We dream of a society where Tapia can keep family members connected even when far away from your elderly loved ones. In addition, we offer delivery service and offer on site service for Kumamoto Prefecture Purchaser’s.

Product NameTapia Press and temperature and humidity sensor
Release Date2019/09/02(Monday)
Selling Price168,000円 (Tax excluded) No monthly fee required
ServicesDelivery Service: Initial registration support at the time of purchase.
Visiting Service: Staff will visit your home for usage support.
FunctionsKumanichi Newspaper news, conversation, indoor temperature / humidity notification (sensor-linked), reliable contact, weather, schedule, etc.
Smartphone App:Display of video call, Mimamori, interaction with Tapia, indoor temperature and humidity, etc.
※Please refer to the website for details.


【About Tapia Press】

Tapia press features

1.Kumamoto Kumanichi Newspaper— Announces daily events in Kumamoto
Displays the news of the Kumamoto Kumanichi newspaper.

2.Reliable contact — Make a video call to a close relative
If you’re sick or need help, you can easily send video to registered users.

3.Indoor temperature and humidity notification — Tapia notifies the user of the indoor temperature and humidity.
Tapia will notify you if the temperature is too high or too low in the room.

4.Smartphone application cooperation: Tapia Dashishin — Indirect monitoring through Tapia
Displays the status of interaction with Tapia and the indoor temperature and humidity of Tapia’s environment on the smartphone app, so you can keep an eye at all time on loved ones.

Reliable contact through Tapia.

Indoor temperature and humidity sensor.

Safety and peace of mind. Keep an eye on loved ones.

The Kumanichi Toshiken Hanbai Sales Department desires to solve modern society issues such as the rise of an aging society and the rise of elderly living on their own with robots with social skills providing a more enjoyable life. In a collaboration effort with MJI in June of 2019, we conducted a concluding experiment in a Kumamoto household for duration of one month, and now we bring Tapia’s new service, Tapia Press, to all of Kumamoto Prefecture.

Endorsment by Kumanichi Toshiken Hanbai Co. Ltd.
⎾ Our main business is newspaper sales. Althought, we are close to customers and we heard their plea. Many locals over the years brought to our ears the concerns that an aging audience brings. People would say: “I have come to feel the aging of my skin.” or “Everyone gets old.” and such comments as “I am keenly aware that we must maintain a lively and vibrant area as we age.”

We started looking in new avenues. What could warm people’s heart and makes them smile. And we thought of a communication robot. We researched for many robot development companies, and found out about MJI, our company values and ideas where on the same wavelenght. “Robots to create a safe, secure and comfortable life for people.”

In the hope to resolve the issues our newspaper customers were experiencing, we set up the MJI development staff to an unreasonable challenge with is to solve the discussed issues. We also received new suggestions in the process and the completed robot “Tapia Press” was born. In addition to the functions of conventional communication, the robot is enhanced with life support and security support. The thought that even a family living far apart would feel the security of being close filled us with glee.

I would be pleased if you could welcome the newly born Tapia as a family partner. ⏌

Main specifications of Tapia Press main unit

Model numberSE100J-C
SizeHeight 245mm x Width 220mm
Weight2.5kg(Including Battery)
CommunicationWi-Fi, SIM (Rakuten mobile SIM), BLE
H/WTouch panel monitor, camera, microphone, speaker, battery
OtherIndoor temperature and humidity sensor (with button battery)


【About Kumanichi Toshiken Hanbai Co. Ltd.】

Company name:
Kumanichi Toshiken Hanbai Co. Ltd.
Location: Chuo Ward, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture 172 Seancho, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Representative: President Koji Wada
Established: November 1, 1972 (name changed on April 1, 2012)
Business description: Sales and promotion of newspapers and other publications issued by Kumamoto Kumanichi Newspaper and related companies, and handling of flyers. Various delivery