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TAPIA PLAY for even elementary school students can start programming

MJI Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tony Shu, MJI), develops, manufactures and sells AI robots and communication robots, we now offer a web service that elementary school students can use to learn programming. The robot used with the web programming app, Tapia, is available on the MJI official website starting August 1st.

Tapia Play is a service that was developed so that even elementary school students can easily program. It can be used only on the browser screen and can be used free of charge by anyone. After the announcement in 2018, it was used in programming events and extracurricular classes at elementary schools. Please apply from the dedicated application form on the MJI official website.

【Name】 Tapia Play exclusive βModel
【Date】 2019年8月1日(木)
【Price】 198,000円(without taxes) 2year support license
【Sale Form】 mjirobotics.co.jp/tapiaplayform/
【Notes】Only the actual playback function of “TAPIA PLAY” is available. It does not include the product version Tapia. A WiFi connection is required to use TAPIA PLAY.