Introduction of home medical interactive robot “anco”

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Introduction of home medical interactive robot “anco”.
A robot that measures vital signs and diagnoses with questions.

Four companies are collaborating in the development of the communication medial robot “anco”: Wacon Co., MJI, NTT DATA Kyushu and NTT Docomo Kyushu. All this in the hope of developing a fleet of DoCoMo’s “AI” agent who can gather information from users at home through vital signs measuring instruments. Instruments such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors adapted for the robot “anco”. This would be Japan’s first robot to possess both vital measurements and diagnosis functions.

The home medical communication robot “anco” is based on MJI’s robot “Tapia 2”, and connected to the “AI” agent “Speak 2” provided by DoCoMo. So far diagnosis and dialogue questionnaires created by Wacon have shown promises. Those scenarios are monitored by Wacon’s remote support. NTT DATA Kyushu creates a dialogue scenario, with input chat interactions, questionnaires, and screening by “anco” that user undergo.

Furthermore, “anco” is also a gateway to connect through “Symphony3” another “AI agent” provided by DoCoMo that manages the data measured in the vital signs equipment, and stores it so it can be potentially accessed by family member and friends who would like to : lets say, keep an eye on their elders.

Wacon newly started the “Oruken” service helped by “anco” providing remote support service “Mimamori nurse (Overlooking nurse)” which has been in use in Fukuoka city as the experiment “Full Support Project 3”. Normally, solely an “anco” agent will communicate with the user, but if necessary it connects to “Mimamori nurse” through a video call. The “Mimamori nurse” agent confirms the communicated pieces of information and measured data done by “anco” with users and then makes a more detailed interview, based on the results the user might be prompted to visit for a meeting with a nurse or a family doctor.

Wacon Mimamori Service|Oruken (Japanese)
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