Introducing “Tapia Q” A Cube Communication Robot

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Introducing “Tapia Q” A Cube Communication Robot

MJI Corporation (President and CEO: Tony Shu,) a developer of communication robots based in Tokyo Japan,
is pleased to announce the launch of Tapia Q. Tapia Q is a cube-shaped and portable version of MJI’s communication robot Tapia.
Tapia Q has a suggested retail price of 34,800 yen (tax excluded) and is set to be released in October 2018.

【About Tapia Q】
The product name stems from its mysteriousness, amiability and ease of pronunciation.
Please visit MJI’s official website at for more details.

SIZE:75mm × 75mm × 75mm
※Under development, specifications are subject to change


Tapia Q is loosely inspired by Rubik’s cube and features voice control. In addition,
the user can switch modes in a very intuitive manner by twisting an outer third of the cube.
Our goal is to provide new user experience and help humans and robots connect by creating a robot that you can carry around.

【Overview of Tapia】
Tapia is a portable, household communication robot with a height of about 25 cm. Tapia is equipped with a camera, speaker, microphone, touch panel monitor, a built-in battery, and can use simcards as well as wifi signals for phone and Internet access . In addition to speech recognition, speech synthesis, and face recognition you can enjoy everyday conversation with Tapia. The response of the robot changes depending on the pace of the conversation and the content, as well as the robot’s own emotional status.

【About MJI Corporation】
MJI Co., Ltd. was established under the slogan “MORE JOYFUL INNOVATION” in July 2015. Our goal is to develop robots that make your life more joyful. MJI robots are your companions in the IoT age.