2017 CES

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Las Vegas, January 2017, MJI exhibited Tapia in the Robotics sections of the CES (the world’s largest fair in the consumer electronics field.) The following features were demonstrated to attendees:

Note:This video features MJI's in-house VDL (Vision Deep Learning) technology.

「Rock Paper Scissors」

Tapia can recognize the shape of your hand, allowing you to play rock paper scissors with her.


After a user writes a mathematical expressions on a marker board and shows it to Tapia, Tapia reads the problem and solves the equation. There were many people who wrote difficult calculations for Tapia to solve.

「Object and Color Recognition」

Upon showing objects such as sunglasses, scissors, smartphones, clocks, etc. to Tapia, Tapia recognizes the color of the object as well as the object type and then reports on what she she sees, e.g. “I see a yellow pair of scissors.”

「Health Check」

Tapia connects wirelessly to Mio Corporation’s non-contact biosensor to monitor a person’s vital signs unobtrusively. Tapia also connects to a home blood pressure monitor and measures the blood pressure of visitors. Tapia informs them of the measurement by voice.

To see visitors smiling as they communicate with Tapia is wonderful. We hope to deliver MORE JOYFUL INNOVATION to everyone in the future!